April 05


Plan Ahead: Apple Watch By Appointment Only

 Apple takes on a different approach with the impending launch of the Apple Watch. If you were planning to camp outside the Apple Store to get your hands on the new watch, think again! Unlike the iPhone, customers are able to walk into a store with no scheduled appointment to get thier hands-on experience prior to purchasing. With the Apple Watch, customers won’t be able to stroll into a retail location to pick up the device, instead, an appointment will be required for a fitting. According to CNET, Apple is strict with the new policy and “has no plans to change it, even after the initial rollout.” So plan ahead if purchasing an Apple Watch is on your forecast. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch begins April 10, 2015 with an official launch on April 24th. Visit Apple for more details.


April 5, 2015 / author: Elle / source and photos: CNETApple