Sneaker Politics x Mitchell & Ness Anniversary Hat Pack

Big ups to Sneaker Politics on its eighth year anniversary. For this very special occasion, the sneaker company links up with Mitchell & Ness on a two piece hat collection. Offered in blue or black, the pack features two snapbacks with Sneaker Politics signature logo embroidered on the front panel while Mitchell & Ness logo is found stitched at the rare of the hat. Accompanying the brand’s logos are highlights to the 8-strike hash mark representing SP’s grand achievement. The commemorative Sneaker Politics x Mitchell Ness 8th Year Anniversary Pack is available now at Sneaker Politics at $28 USD a piece.

Sneaker_Politics_x_Mitchell_Ness_8_year_anniversary_Snapback_Hypebeast_12_1024x1024 Sneaker_Politics_x_Mitchell_Ness_8_year_anniversary_Snapback_Hypebeast_6_1024x1024 Sneaker_Politics_x_Mitchell_Ness_8_year_anniversary_Snapback_Hypebeast_8_1024x1024 Sneaker_Politics_x_Mitchell_Ness_8_year_anniversary_Snapback_Hypebeast_1_1024x1024 Sneaker_Politics_x_Mitchell_Ness_8_year_anniversary_Snapback_Hypebeast_4_1024x1024

April 10, 2015 / author: Elle / source and photos: Sneaker Politics