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March 22

Aerial Photos of San Francisco by Vincent Laforet

  Photographer Vincent Laforet graces his fans and audiences with his latest book titled “AIR.” The book features a series of aerial photos and nightly scenic views of San Francisco. He impresses us with the night lights that exudes from the city and the surrounding atmosphere of the Bay Area. Among others, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland Bay […]

March 19

Star Wars R2D2 Dressed Up As Superheroes

London-based artist Steve Berrington illustrated a series of posters using the iconic Star Wars R2D2. R2D2 is colorfully dressed up and disguised as DC Comics and Marvel Comics superheroes. Fan favorites from Batman, Captain America, Superman, the Green Latern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Harley Quinn are all featured. View the creative prints posted below and be sure to check […]

March 15

MEKA’s “PUSH” Art Show at Escape OTH Art Gallery

Continuing with his well-known Keep Pushing series, French-based artist MEKA presents his latest solo art exhibition at the Off the Hook Escape OTH gallery space. Titled “Push,” MEKA’s art show features two dozen of his illustrations showcasing his profound skills of using Sharpie markers. His signature aesthetics promotes a sense of inspiration and positivity all the while […]

March 12

Mirco Sculptures Carved From Lead Pencil

  Artist Salavat Fidai exhibits his meticulous sculpting skills on tips of a lead pencils. The pencils features micro sculptures of pop references, such as and among others, Darth Vader, Batman, a hand grasping on a spray can, an Oscar trophy, a lock and a key and our favorite Wall-E the robot. The incredibly tiny sculptures no […]

March 11

Paul McCarthy x The Skateroom PROPO Skatboard Series

  Los-Angeles-based contemporary artist Paul McCarthy (not to be confused with singer and song writer Paul McCartney of the Beatles) shows his latest charitable efforts with a series of PROPO series skateboard decks. In collaboration with The Skateroom, the ten piece McCarthy PROPO designed skate decks features masks, bottles, pans, uniforms, dolls, stuffed animals and […]

March 09

Gotham City SF : A Time-lapse Film by Toby Harriman

  Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film from Toby Harriman on Vimeo. Photographer Toby Harriman does a great job presenting a time-lapse film showcasing the beautiful city of San Francisco. Titled “Gotham City SF,” the time-lapse film edited in black and white featuring the iconic landmarks of the urban city, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the newly built Oakland […]

March 01

Banksy Heads to War-Torn Gaza For His Latest Street Intervention

  Political and controversy street artist Banksy makes his way to the streets of Gaza in Israel. There, he adds three new pieces on the walls of the war-torn city. Banksy noted that the city of “Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. but that […]

February 20

Artist Transforms Cultural Icons Into Matryoshka Dolls

The Pushkin Institute recently commissioned graphic artist Ira Smolikova to design a handful of media ads to promote its foreign exchange program. The ads features cultural icons from other countries and the art is unique in that Smolikova transforms the icons into the shape of Russia’s most recognizable forms – the matryoshka doll. Pushkin Institute is Russia’s most prestigious language […]

February 19

This Book Documents The Art of Hip-Hop Mixtape Covers

Though an important aspect in the hip-hop culture, mixtape art covers is often overlooked. But in contrast, when a cover art sucks it can be all the reason needed to overshadow an entire music project. Tobias Hansson and Michael Thorsby focuses their energy to assemble its first ever coffee table book dedicated to the art of […]

February 19

Catherine Losing Recreates Luxury Brands into Bake Goods

Commissioned by Cherry Bombe Magazine, UK-based photographer Catherine Losing was asked to recreate luxury fashion brands into sweet-baked goods. Enlisting the help of food stylist Iain Graham, the duo put their minds together to work on their favorite designs. Using a variety of colors and patterns, the photographers does a great job translating the brand’s signature logos onto […]