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April 13

All Gone Book (2014): The Finest of Street Culture

This book would be another great addition to your coffee table book collection. Curated by La MJC’s Michael Dupouy, All Gone: The Finest of Street Culture (2014) is a book that “offers an in-depth overview of some of the best product offerings from the past year that embody street culture.” With over 200 products and a total of 252 […]

April 01

Amazon Dash Makes Online Shopping Even Easier

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers to date. Making life even more convenient for its customer, the e-tailer giant is rolling out Amazon Dash. “Dash” allows its shoppers to literally push a physical button to purchase items from certain brands such as Tide, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Vitamin Water, Gerber and many others. How it […]

March 26

Sriracha Infused Snacks by Pop! Gourmet Foods

The famous Huy Fong Food’s Sriracha condiment is coming out with a line of snacks infused with its popular hot chill sauce. In a partnership with Pop! Gourmet Foods, and having already offering Sriracha-infused popcorn, the two will also offer potato chips, tortilla chips, hummus, croutons and more. The item that we are most looking forward to is a […]

March 24

SF Outside Lands 2015 Music Festival Lineup Looks Promising

 San Francisco’s Outside Lands 2015 music festival is just around the corner and the artists’ lineup has just been posted up on its website. As with any music festivals, there will be multiple changes and cancellations all the way up to the minute of the artist’s stage time. However, the main headliners are pretty set in stone. […]

March 24

Skateboards Made From Garbage: The Bucket Board

THE BUCKET BOARD from mac premo on Vimeo. It’s nice to see companies who are passionate in promoting green and sustainable living! “Everyday Things” is a campaign started by Do the Green Thing and World Wildlife Fund-UK. The two organizations have come together to share and inspire others to do the same. To spread their environmental message, they’ve asked 15 artists to repurpose everyday […]

March 16

Black Scale x Grenco Science G Pro Vaporizer Set

West Coast-based streetwear label Black Scale and Grenco Science G Pro links up to present the limited edition Black Science vaporizer set. The set offers a custom-design Black Scale G Pro Vaporizer that includes, among other essential accessories, a perforated Blvck G Card with a sleeve and a black ashtray with “ILLEGAL” in white letterings printed across the plate. […]

March 14

Jimmy Kimmel Live “Mean Tweets” Stars President Barack Obama

Following his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, President Barack Obama is back on a late night talk show and this time he stars as a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On this particular segment, and like many other celebrities, The President reads his share of “Mean Tweets” from Twitter. The comments left by fellow Twitter […]

March 13

Limited Edition Japan Kumamon x Leica M and C Cameras

  Luxury camera maker Leica collaborates with Japan’s official mascot Kumamon. Kumamon is a cute little bear and is widely recognized and loved by the Japanese culture. In honor of Kumamon’s 5th birthday, Leica is releasing a very limited number of cameras featuring the character. The M and C camera models will be produced with the C available […]

March 13

Tony Starks Delivers Bionic Arm to 7 Year Old Boy

Aside from playing a billionaire superhero on the big screen, actor Robert Downey Jr. is also a nice guy in real life. In collaboration with Microsoft One Note’s Collective Project, Robert Downey appeared as Tony Stark to surprise Alex, a seven year old boy who loves superheroes. Alex was born with a partially developed arm and Tony […]

March 11

Paul McCarthy x The Skateroom PROPO Skatboard Series

  Los-Angeles-based contemporary artist Paul McCarthy (not to be confused with singer and song writer Paul McCartney of the Beatles) shows his latest charitable efforts with a series of PROPO series skateboard decks. In collaboration with The Skateroom, the ten piece McCarthy PROPO designed skate decks features masks, bottles, pans, uniforms, dolls, stuffed animals and […]